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FEATURES of mechanical seals by R&PC «ANOD»:

  • OPERATION STABILITY AT TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE DIFFERENTIALof fluid sealed, is provided by means of thermic and force stabilization of friction surfaces, containing rings and thorough hydraulic balancing.
  • INCREASES SERVICE LIFE: operating time of the first serial mechanical seals exceeds 50 000 hours.
  • DIMENSION AND ATTACHING COMPATIBILITY with pumps and other equipment being produced and operated. No additional pump/equipment update is required to install mechanical seal.
  • MONOBLOCK DESIGN allows to perform all the testing required while manufacturing. Mounting doesnt necessitate additional adjusting.
  • HIGH DEGREE UNIFICATION, MINIMAL RANGE OF PARTS: interchangeable parts (friction pairs, ring holders, O-rings, springs, force averting devices, drive collars, connecting pipes) are used in all types of seals, for the same shaft diameter.
  • OPERABILITY WITH DIFFERENT WORKING MEDIUMS: liquids, gases, as well as aggressive and abrasive-carrying ones.
  • REDUCED COSTS of seal replacement, repair works, maintenance staff and electricity.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH API 682. Mechanical seal is a sealing unit of the machine (pump, compressor, agitator, centrifuge, etc.) applied to prevent the escape of working medium into the atmosphere. Mechanical seal made of a pair of friction end surfaces of the two parts, one of which is fixed to the shaft, and the second in the machine block.

Mechanical seals by ANODMechanical seal is a sealing device of the machine (pump, compressor, mixer, centrifuges, etc.), designed to prevent the release of the working environment into the atmosphere. The mechanical seal is made in the form of a pair of friction of the end surfaces of two parts, one of which is fixed to the shaft, and the second – in the body of the machine.

Company presentation: Research & production center «ANOD»

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