25-years RPC ANOD

Research and production center «ANOD» was founded in 1992. The core of the team consisted of employees whose occupation was previously associated with the creation of the latest models of equipment used in nuclear power.

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RPC ANODE at the exhibition Neftegaz-2017

In 1975, Yevgeny Pavlovich Tokarev developed a mechanical seal of the shaft of the circulation pump, which in its characteristics surpassed the analogues available in the world. For this development, the government of the USSR awarded him the gold medal of the Exhibition of achievements of the national economy and the prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Design criteria defined Tokarev, relevant to this day, and they contributed to the formation of LLC RPC «ANOD» as one of the leading enterprises in Russia for the manufacture of mechanical seals.
ANODE began its ascent with the production of mechanical seals. Over the years, the company has become a market leader in seals in Russia and the near abroad. Along the way, «ANOD» grew with new developments, which gave rise to several successful areas of development.
Today «anode» is both face seals, and sliding bearings, and blocks bearing sealing, and pump units, and fittings. 25 years the company exists and develops, changes together with the world around, at the same time trying to change something in it. RPC «ANOD» is an original and in many ways unique phenomenon. Over the years, the company has developed its own character, Outlook and attitude to the products.